october week 3

I suppose a quick recap is due.

Two weekends ago we attended my niece Kenna's youth play of Fiddler on the Roof. It was three hours -- but insanely impressive for that age group (middle and high school ages). I kept thinking to myself "these voices do not match their ages" since they had mature singing voices and yet all had braces on when they smiled.

Earlier on Saturday morning Bronson ran a 5k with Daymon. Later in the afternoon he had a job assessment, where a company he applied for proctored into his computer and they watched him code and do stuff I don't understand. It was frustrating because there were some technical problems but in the end it worked out and took 3x longer than anticipated.

Sunday, we enjoyed having our friend Brittany Knighton spend the day with us as her husband was out of town with the ballroom dance team. We made a yummy lunch and then went on an hour walk on the provo river trail. Desperately holding on to any last moments of fall before winter hits.

She also joined us later that week on Friday for dinner with Daymon. We ate pizza and played Ticket to Ride.

Lately I've felt very stagnant in my church worship -- no ones fault but my own. Since I've personally focused on trying to enrich my sabbath day observance I found one of the best ways is to serve (and that usually comes in the form of saying "YES" to assignments). On Friday night the primary president sent me a text asking me to play the piano for the primary program that was THIS Sunday. I agreed and practiced Saturday for a bit. Then in Sunday school, the teacher's husband is in the bishopric so I was on "baby-duty" while she taught. And then third hour, we were asked to sub last minute for Primary. I loved church that day.

Teaching the primary kids about missions and showing them pictures from ours.

Trying to walk as many nights after work before it gets too cold. This sunset....

Halloween package from the Gardners!

to be continued....

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