october week 4

I love pictures.... so to tell the rest of our week: more pictures.
This last Sunday we drove to American Fork and took Alice Anne's family pictures. These kids are adorable -- their sayings, their actions, their personalities, and not to mention they are just CUTE!

There are so many favorites -- its hard to pick just a handful. 

This week has been the Bronson All-star week. Since he was chosen for an on-site interview in Wisconsin on Thursday and Friday he was determined to get his 20 hour work week in three days along with all of his homework. He worked so so so so so hard. He went to bed past midnight every night and woke up by 6am just to have more hours to do everything. Most people would see this as an opportunity to not have to work for two days, but Bronson is dedicated! 

This was the first time Bronson and I have been apart since we got married. I think he handled it a bit better than I did. I lived off english muffins and walnuts and chocolate chips. I actually had to set an alarm clock and I "tried" to binge watch TV but fell asleep on the couch by 7:30 for a quick nap. It wasn't until I went to bed and all those childhood feelings of being afraid of the dark came back -- seriously!? I'm nearly 25, COME ON. And I cried and realized how great Bronson is in my life. shame. I was very consciousness to NOT text Bronson at all on Friday since I knew he was in interviews all day. I hung out with Jessica that night at the new TJ Maxx in Spanish Fork. Really considering moving there now because they have a Costco, Chick Fil A, and TJ Maxx all within 5 miles of each other. What else would I need? He finally got back at 11pm that night and got up at 5:30 the next morning to run a half marathon. I should also add, Bronson only ran once this week and had never gone above 6 miles. I was super nervous he was going to get injured but he pulled through (I mean did we doubt any less?) His goal was under 2 hours and clocked in right at 1:57! I was just thrilled I made it to the finish line by the time he did (only 5 mins early!). Bronson came home long enough to shower and go to the BYU football game -- because he lives for BYU sports. Fortunately our team is so bad this year, we made it to the stadium 2 mins to kick off and we got row 7 seats! Not bad eh!?

We counted and combined we've completely 10 races this year! 6 for Bronson, 4 for me!

Sunday we hosted a Lewis Family get together since a few aunt and uncles and cousins were in town. There is no such thing as a quiet Lewis family gathering. We had Aunt Myreel & Uncle Larry (Texas), Aunt Delon & Camille and Baby Wesley (Arizona), Logan (New York), Jasmin & Neal (UT), Delon, Harrison, Lynette & Ian and Baby Shylie (UT), Jarom & Myreel (baby due any day! UT), Annaliese (UT), Uncle Norman (my grandma's youngest and only surviving sibling, UT). It was a full house! As Uncle Norman was leaving I asked him if we were too loud and crazy (he is 90 after all!), and he replied, "Oh i just took out my hearing aids, so I found a solution." Yep... we were loud! 


  1. I love all of these pictures and your updates! You've ran 4 races this year? Amazing!

  2. You two are crazy busy! Oh, to be young!
    I don't like it when Jim is gone either. No shame!

  3. You performed magic with your camera! Thanks! 10 races between you too! Wow!


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