Meridian Idaho temple weekend

Friday morning sunrise from my bedroom window

Last week my greatest accomplishment was never pressing snooze once. Since we had an easy going relaxing weekend I felt like I actually "prepared" for the week with an organized to do list and meal plan for each day (ie: I washed, folded, AND put away all the laundry in one day. I mean, MIRACLE). I can't say a week like that will happen again but it sure felt good to be productive and organized all week long.

We got home Sunday evening from a quick but fun weekend in Idaho with Bronson's grandparents. While there we were able to tour the Meridian Temple and visit with the Gardner aunts, uncles and cousins. Every time we get together with Bronson's family I think I found the absolute best second family to have.

My favorite part of the weekend was looking at the photo albums of Bronson as a kid and all the other grandchild as babies. I just feel this deep desire to preserve family history and memories as much as I possibly can right now.

The Gardner grandparents spoiled us by taking us to Texas Roadhouse and feeding us ice-cream. Grandpa made a hot breakfast Saturday morning, and we ALL (Jessica, Daymon, Bronson and I) commented that we couldn't remember the last time we had a hot breakfast.

We were able to run into Matt and Kelsey at the Temple Open house as they were tour guides during that shift. We also saw Grandpa directing traffic while we were there too. As I walked through the instruction rooms, I thought, "I don't think I'd fall asleep if I were in this room!" They were all so beautiful. The celestial room is one to see. That chandelier weighed over 1,000 pounds and looks like it too, its stunning. The church never builds a mediocre temple, they are all phenomenal. I love being reminded of one of the reasons I love most about the gospel is the opportunity to have eternal families.

Earlier on in the week, I pulled out my Christmas wreath. Since I got it at the end of season last year on mega-clearance I wasn't able to enjoy it as much. Hence, the conflicting holidays represented at our doorstep. 

The Gardner's never let us leave empty-handed! We came home with a corner shelf, a small bench and step stool (made by Grandpa Gardner), and Grandma Gardner's first sewing desk. As well as a bag full of homemade sewn goodies from his Aunt Jalene and Grandma Gardner. #SPOILED


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