Life Update!

Made Bronson take a Christmas card picture with me after church. It was so windy outside indoors had to do. 

I don't want my birthday to overshadow the best news of the week.

Bronson officially accepted a position at Epic Systems near Madison, WI. We (or maybe just I) are equal parts excited and freaked out. I grew up with the mentality  I would live wherever my husband got a job and now that it's actually happening its alittle.... uhm, frightening! Funny enough, the couple that used to live in our apartment and moved out so we could move in, happen to work at the same company in Wisconsin! So at least we will know someone. And then that is about it.
 I'm really proud of Bronson. I couldn't do what he does. Or do so well in school while having a spouse that isn't. Graduation paradise is a real thing.

On Tuesday, I turned 25. Which my 7 year old self would say that is SUPER old, and now I really don't feel that old. Turns out -- when you turn 25 -- you don't all of a sudden become a professional adult. The reality is: I am STILL the same person I was at 24. I still leave clothes on the ground, dishes in the sink -- for more then one, two, and maybe three days, the laundry still remains in the dryer for a few days more than dishes. I guess I was too hopeful. Not pro-adult status yet. This weeks goal is to fold the laundry in 5 days or less. #babysteps

I also felt that the older you turn the less special your birthday gets. But my boss and co-workers were amazing at making me feel special. Last year I was a millennial and didn't work on my birthday. This year, I was an adult and did. 10 points for Emily. They had a birthday banner on my desk, brought in Shirley's sweet rolls (if you haven't tried them, they are reason enough to visit Provo, so dang good), gave me an Amazon gift card (like how did they know my most inner desires of my heart!?), a beautiful bar necklace with the longitude and latitude coordinates of my work -- sweet memorabilia gift. That morning I told Bronson I wish I had a necklace to wear, since I don't own any (none were ever minimalist enough and cheap enough) and then they gave me one. My previous boss gave me a pound of butter and a Cafe Rio gift card -- again, its like people know me so well. If we talk about what we love most then we can sum it up to: Amazon, Butter, and Cafe Rio.

That evening Bronson and I went to Zupas and saw Wonder. That movie was so good. We both LOVED it. My birthday present came early during Thanksgiving when I got my new camera, and I was able to get a new lens with some birthday $$ from the Gardners! (all the happy emojis!) Thank you to everyone who sent cards, texts, called to wish me a happy birthday.

Earlier in the week, I had breakfast with my roommates. We don't get together too often, but when we do, we naturally pick up where we left off. My one wish is that I could have meet these roommates at the beginning of my college life - rather than the last semester of my single life. I've got some fantastic bed head going on.

Bronson, Daymon and I went to the women's volleyball game two nights in a row beating American (and their mascot is the Eagles! haha!) and University of Oregon. They are going to the sweet 16!

On Sunday, I spent the afternoon taking pictures of a family in my ward and it was so windy and cold that as soon as I got home I started making an apple pie. Crust from scratch. Bronson had made a crock pot soup and we watched the Christmas Devotional. I was absolutely happy that evening. And I'm on this kick right now where I won't eat whipped cream unless its homemade. I just love it so much.


  1. I take it we need to have real whipped cream at Christmas! ;) Love your post and pictures! Don't you love the ring, "Bronson's going to Wisconsin!" I do! You know two people, David Avila, too! Primary buddies from 17 years ago! :)

  2. You nailed that apple pie!! Looks amazing!


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