2017 - Renew and Review

Every part of me wants to hold on to the month of December and Christmas for as long as possible, but I love a good new year and beginning.

I wanted to reflect on 2017 before I completely close that chapter of life -- no matter how ineloquent and very personal it sounds.

2 0 1 7 - Y E A R   I N   R E V I E W

Major Life Events: 
  1. We moved to a new apartment in June 2017 - a half a mile east to be exact. 
  2. On that same day, we ran a 10K at 6am and walked home from the race to finish moving. Running a 10K was one of my New Year Resolutions!
  3. Visited Hawaii and stayed with the cutest family on the island. Thank you tax return. 
  4. Bronson got an internship. So many blessings attached to this one event. 
  5. Bronson got a full-time job for 2018. 
  1. Bronson's internship -- since it was a requirement for graduation, we were so lucky he found one in the state of Utah (so no long distance!), at a higher pay rate than his previous job, AND he could use public transportation, which means we didn't need to buy a second car. This internship turned into a job from which he could stay at home and work. Although it hasn't been his favorite kind of work, it's been valuable experience, even helping him decide what he does and doesn't want to do. 
  2. My job. I just had no idea what I was walking into when I accepted this job back in 2016. More out of necessity for a decent pay and benefits. But I had no idea how I've gained a family of co-workers while working there. A lot of psuedo mothers and a handful of labeled sisters. I've been opened to this world of caring for the elderly and caring for employees while working in HR. I feel like I've gained a skill set that will help me find other jobs in the future if I chose to do that. While work was a cuss word in my head for the first 6, 7, 8, how many months, it's become a major purpose in my life right now. 
  3. While maybe third on the list -- it is the most important of all. Family. We were lucky to see family in Hawaii, Idaho and Oregon multiple times this year. I feel like I said "yes" to more family events this year even if it meant it was expensive, inconvenient, I was hesitant, or even if it meant having to change my schedule upside down to do so. It has been the very best. I always leave happier when I'm with family. And it's also so painfully hard to leave too. These past couple months after the holidays I kept praying with gratitude that I have families that love each other. I take that for granted. 
  4. Relationship with Bronson. Sometimes I have conversations with friends that make me reflect on our first year of marriage and while it wasn't super hard I just see how far we've come and how much we've changed -- all for the better. I honestly can't remember the last time we fought, and if we did it was probably about what flavor of salsa we should buy. I may not be the perfect wife -- there were many times Bronson ate pb and j's for lunch this summer, or had to dig in the dryer for clean clothes, or had to wait until 8pm for dinner to finally finish -- but i've had fun being his wife. 
more blessings: 
* A car to drive. Even though it never starts on the first try, it still works and gets us where we need to go. And no accidents or major car problems. 

* A camera to take pictures so I can capture these memories of life. 

* Receiving boxes of personal affects from when I was younger -- things I didn't know my mother had saved. I'm savoring looking at everything and storing it in a way for future posterity. 

* Jessica & Daymon -- living in provo and doing things with them. 

* Ivan Finn Williams -- a perfect healthy baby boy. 

* JULIA IS PREGNANT. Biggest and happiest blessing of this year. 

* Marco Polo app -- that has allowed me to stay connected EXTREMELY WELL (maybe too well? ;) connected with my sisters and other siblings. We Lewises sure love to talk to each other and show what we are up to and I LOVE IT. 


  1. Not consistent with my goals. I feel very ambitious about what I want to achieve (physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and as a wife/person). But I feel like I struggle with being consistent and not letting the natural man win. Physically, I let me knee problem turn into a really extended excuse for not exercising. And now it's hard to get started again. Excuses were not limited to physical injuries, I came up for a million why I am not timely with dishes, laundry, tidying up, etc. haha. I could reallllllly work on being more productive and less idle. 
  2. Maybe this falls under the consistent category - but we weren't as good as attending the temple as we have been in months and years passed. We need to go while it's 2 blocks away from us before its 2.5 hours away! 
  3. Online shopping. A major weakness for me. Bronson and I are trying to rectify this and go on a shopping fast for January and February (for everything besides the necessities - groceries, gas, etc). 
  4. Borderline dependent on my phone -- not super proud of this trial in my life. I want to know a recipe for success with using the smart phone on an every day basis. How do you manage staying connected with others yet not needing to check your phone so many times a day. Every research published shows decreased levels of happiness when we look at social media. Yet we still do it. And do it alot. I've tried to do "fasts" from social media, and then cave, or feel like I don't know what is going on in others lives right around me. Bronson and I watched a TED talk about social media and how people can easily spend 5 years of their life just on Facebook. I could live without facebook, but I love instagram. So I need to work on this area of my life. 
  5. Fasting. This year I struggled to enjoy fasting. If I didn't get such a gnarly headache every time I fasted I'd like to think I would it enjoy it more -- but it's hard. I know it works, but the natural man in me just wants to do a half-hearted, mediocre fast (aka: eat sooner than probably should).
As I type those trials (and I know there are so many more!) I am thinking, I easily identified what I need to work on this year. 

The very best thing I did was last year was my own personal motto of "be a tourist in my own state." I think it helped Bronson and I do more things than we would have ever done. 
A final overview of things we did this year: 
  1. JANUARY : We went snowshoeing for the first time in Aspen Grove and went to the Natural Museum of History in SLC.
  2. FEBRUARY: We tried Bam Bams BBQ, hiked the Y, and tried Roll it Up - Thai ice cream. 
  3. MARCH: Ran our first race together - Rex Lee 5K, went to the Ben Rector concert on campus, spiralized alot of food, took a lot of walks to the Provo City Center temple and I won a Kitchen Aide. 
  4. APRIL: Printed a book for my moms 65th birthday (big accomplishment!), took 200 pictures of food (haha), went to the Thanksgiving point Tulip festival. 
  5. MAY: Went to Hawaii for the first time and played with the cutest kids on the island. Alot of first timers there: Pearl Harbor, snorkeling, hiking, feeling a warm Pacific Ocean,  boogie boarding, and the PCC. Hiked Stewart falls, got serious about training for our race, hiked Big Springs Hollow and went on a last minute camping trip to Utah Lake State Park. 
  6. JUNE: Ran the 10K Utah Valley Marathon race, moved apartments, got my 3rd ingrown toenail removed, walked to the cemetery every Sunday night, and one Saturday: visited the Hogel zoo, Snowbird, rode the ski tram and eye witnessed the most breath taking views of Utah. We also went on our first backpacking/camping trip up American Fork Canyon to Silver Lake. Also 100% breathtaking. 
  7. JULY: Ran in the Freedom Run in downtown Provo. Spent 4th of July with the Gardners in Oregon - Daymon came home from his mission (and finished his mission book - my other big project accomplishment this year!). We went to the Provo Saturday's market, Seven Peaks, and the best thing that moment: a food truck of Seven Brothers (a restaurant from Hawaii) came to Provo! Ran the Temple to Temple with Clayton and Cecily on Pioneer day and saw the Spanish Fork Rodeo. 
  8.  AUGUST: Took the activity day girls to day camp, went to St. George for Kyna's wedding, quick trip to Zions National Park and Kolob Canyon, stayed with Grandpa Moss & Judy. 2nd Anniversary staycation in SLC, swimming with the Johns, witnessed the Solar Eclipse (at 90% totality), camping trip to Payson Lakes (a new favorite spot in Utah). 
  9. SEPTEMBER: Hiked Sqauw Peak (all 7 miles from H*#&!). Saw One Republic live with the Mosses, Bronson turned 25!
  10. OCTOBER:  Family visited for General Conference, Homecoming spectacular (4th year in a row!), drove the alpine loop to see the fall leaves, saw Kenna (niece) in Fiddler on the Roof, and Bronson ran his FIRST HALF MARATHON! Hosted a Lewis gathering in our apartment.
  11. NOVEMBER: Went to the Meridian Temple Open House and visited the Gardner grandparents. Met Baby Myreel Shaver (cousin Myreel's daughter), traveled to Oregon for Thanksgiving (first thanksgiving with my family since 2012!). Bronson got the job offer in Wisconsin for June 2018. 
  12. DECEMBER: I turned 25, Christmas parties, Jessica graduated and got a job, saw the Spanish fork Christmas lights, traveled to Oregon for Christmas in Astoria, spent the end of the year with family!
One of the biggest accomplishments I did this year was compile our family home videos into small clips and organized into playlists by the date. And there were ALOT. I spent all the free time I had over 3 months and I am so glad I didn't give up! I am so excited to share these memories with my posterity - and for my family to enjoy right now. Because of this project I have a deeper desire to do family history work (maybe not in FamilySearch per say) but to collect, capture and organize family memories and histories. 

While I may not have completed EVERY resolution I made at the beginning of 2017 - I have seen progress in what I've done. And I know its just a day by day, step by step principle of practicing, trying and learning. 

Still chewing on what I want to focus on this year... To Be continued. 


  1. ou have had such a terrific year! Wow! You have done so much. We have benefitted from many of those entries, the memory book for me, and the videos of the family, that are now easy to access, thanks to your hundreds of hours of work. A big thanks for putting on hundreds of miles on your car, or make that thousands to come see us. Good for you for making 2017 such a great year. The Lord has truly blessed you. Dad and I enjoyed reading this together.

  2. What a year!! This was an awesome recap of a life well lived. I love that you've come to love your job. That's so great. Isn't it amazing what were trials in the beginning become major blessings? After giving up IG for the month of December, I can attest, it's hard and wonderful. :) anyways loved this and Bronson inspire us to be tourists in our own town. :)

  3. Loved your recap!! You guys have done sooo much that year!!👊🏼


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