Christmas in Oregon 2017

The Oregon Coast. 
Our Christmas was 100% perfect besides everyone getting the flu-plague. Since the middle of November Bronson and I have logged 4,380 miles driving back and forth to Oregon and Idaho. But all in the name of family -- and it was worth it.

After braving the snowy roads between Idaho and Oregon we arrived in Astoria on December 23rd in time to go see Star Wars that night. Sunday, Christmas Eve was a special sabbath for me. This time, the Sacrament felt different -- my heart felt like it was exploding with gratitude for everything that I've been given -- family, the gospel, temples, my mission, Bronson, and of course the Atonement of Jesus Christ. After church we played a family trivia game I created and watched family home videos of Christmases when the kids were little.

The Gardner's are so good about always making sure people have a home to be in on holidays. Lynette, a recent convert joined us for dinner and a message. We played games and opened presents before going to bed. And we got Christmas PJs! I honestly haven't felt so happy in a long time. I mean, how could I not, I was with family, at Christmas, and not having to worry about work!

Christmas was so fun -- even if we did open presents at 6am! That afternoon we went to the beach and walked to the jetty splitting the Pacific Ocean and Columbia River and saw a front row view of the tumultuous pacific ocean waves beat on the rocks - and we got drenched - despite being very cold, it was so cool. Easily one of the coolest things I've done.

Bronson got his Echo he's been wanting.

And I got the pair of sandals I've wanted since December 2016. Too bad we are moving to the 5th coldest state in the country so who knows how much i'll be able to use them. 

Michelle is a pro at making aebleskivers!
Bronson and I headed to Gresham on Thursday. 98% of my family was sick so overall it was a laid back time which we didn't mind. We got to see the Caudles that afternoon and played Clue.

On Friday, I was lucky to meet up with one of my best high school friends. Julie is a nurse in Salem, so she drove an hour to see me. We chatted for high school like as if 6 years hadn't even passed. It was sooooo good to see her. She's doing some amazing things -- being a nurse, bought a house, bought a car, and working so hard at everything she does. I loved getting to see her again.

Saturday morning we did a sisters breakfast with Meredith, Ondalynn, and Vivienne. We missed Julia who was in Hawaii tending Meredith's kids and Alice-Anne with her family in Utah.

It was so fun to spend some time with Meredith and Bryan. Bronson and I happened to go for alittle date to get frozen yogurt and Meredith happened to call, I told her where we were and she's like "oh that sounds good we will join you." And then we went grocery shopping together before Sunday. I told them that now they don't have 4 kids around they turn into teenagers -- staying out late and doing whatever they want.

Sunday, we got to witness the baby blessing of Ivan Finn Williams and then after Sacrament meeting we made our way back to Utah making a stop in Boise for the night with the Gardner grandparents. It was fun to spend the evening talking to them with Jalene, Mark and Emma.

It has been good to be back to a routine, but I absolutely loved our Christmas break -- it could not have been better. Well, actually I could have watched a few more Christmas hallmark movies... hah, but it was such a great break.
Some more pics:
S. P. O. I. L. E. D. we loved everything we got! (not pictured a chopping knife and Trader Joe chocolate covered peppermint cookies I ABSOLUTELY LOVE from my parents. Like seriously, I could not be happier I got the cookies. And I feel like I am top chef worthy with that new knife. Who knew a knife could make sure a difference to your kitchen expertise confidence.)


A herd of elk. Right on the side of the road. Totally normal. 

If only roads were snow-resistant. But I do love those snow flocked trees. 

Literally 100% full. 

I handed out Potpourri jars to co-workers and friends this Christmas. 

We went with our friends, the Knighton's to see the Christmas lights in Spanish Fork. It was so much fun!


  1. That Christmas looks so dreamy!

  2. You got some sweet shots during Christmas!!
    And we totally became teenagers agin those five days. On Monday after setting up for the reception, we went and saw jumanji at 10:40pm! Haha who does that?!?


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