Our Story

I'm Emily. He's Bronson...and together we make the Gardner's.

Both Oregonians, but now Utah residents attending school.

I say its divine intervention that we found each other, but that's when usually Bronson rolls his eyes. Either way, I'm just happy we did.

In the spring of 2014, I was serving a mission (think: full-time volunteer, teaching others about Jesus Christ) for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Argentina. I was only a few months away from returning home, but it would nearly be time for school to start when I got back, so my mom was nice enough to look for housing. She found some places, but nothing seemed right. I got permission from my mission president and did some google searching for an apartment. I found a place, hurried and told me my mom and secured one of the last contracts.

I first saw Bronson teaching a church class on my very first Sunday back at BYU after my mission (less than a month later). I had an undeniable impression I needed to meet him. Like, really undeniable, I even had to shift a bit in my chair.
The next hour of church came, and I was hoping he'd sit by me, that way I wouldn't have to do the inevitable and approach him. And too my surprise, he sat next to me (my heart pounding).

Of course we both looked each other up on Facebook when we got home, and I'm pretty sure I texted two of my sisters that I already knew who I wanted to date in the ward (if i even got that lucky).

Thanks to our ward church events, we saw each other every single day. That next Sunday, I asked him for some technology help with my computer so I could join in my family monthly Skype call. We will just say it was divine intervention that we never got my computer to end up working, because then I convinced him to play a board game with me. Sealed the deal...He asked me on a date that night.

(other events that occurred: attending football games, his surprise birthday party--I didn't know anyone...but his cousin knew I liked him, so I think thats why he invited me over, institute, devotional, etc).

Our first date was ... hmm.. interesting. We went bowling with his cousin Clayton and a blind date. Remember, this was my first date back post-mission. And secondly, I didn't want to blow this off...considering a guy has never asked me on a second date. This was business. Bronson was also extremely sick with a sinus infection, but not wanting to cancel his date with me  being a gentleman, he took NyQuil PM (because thats all he had), and went for it. We went to get Rita's afterwards, but he was coughing so much, he couldn't actually say a complete I ended talking to Clayton more, because I just can not not talk when I get nervous/feel awkward.

I was convinced the date was a complete bust, because it only lasted 2 hours. Later, come to find out, it was more because Bronson was losing it, and completely loopy from being intoxicated with NyQuil. He liked that I talked, a lot (probably the first guy thats ever thought that).

The next Sunday, I casually and nonchalantly  awkwardly found my way to sit next to Bronson in church. I think he got the hint. Two days later, he asked me on a second date...and being Bronson the good deal finder that he is took me and Jessica to get (free) pizza from the Oregon Alumni Chapters event. Then we went to a volleyball game (also free), and the dollar theater (almost free). That night, we decided we started dating-- which now looking back, we really didn't know what that entailed. We had never been boyfriend or girlfriend to anyone and so maybe thats where expectations and ideas were unbalanced...but thanks to 11 solid months of dating and engagement, we were sealed for time and all eternity on August 14, 2015. And seriously, it only gets better (think: I REALLY LOVE BEING MARRIED TO BRONSON).

El fin.

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